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Asparagus - The British Asparagus season.

The Cambridgeshire Fenland soils, which are very fertile and high in organic matter are excellent for growing asparagus.

The English asparagus season begins at the end of April and continues until 21st June. All our asparagus is cut, washed and bundled by hand on a daily basis. If the weather is particularly hot then the asparagus is walked over and cut twice a day.

Asparagus is a "super food" containing high levels of vitamin A, folic acid and it is high in dietary fibre and soluble fibre. All of this means it can help to prevent some cancers and heart disease.

Asparagus is low in calories and when eaten as part of a balanced diet can help with weight loss.

If you are stuck for a gift idea, how about sending a box of our freshly cut asparagus for a gift - suitable for all ages!


Eddie Veal has been growing asparagus on these soils since 1990. His first bed was planted in Sutton, near Ely then as the popularity of it grew further beds were established in Sutton. In 1996 Eddie and his family moved to Trinity Farm in March and further beds were planted there. As word spread of the ability to buy asparagus directly from the farm more asparagus beds were needed to be brought into production. The asparagus is sold direct from the farm both retail and wholesale. Other seasonal vegetables are available all year round from Trinity Farm, Upwell Road, March.


As well as selling asparagus and other seasonal vegetables at the farm produce stall Eddie also supplies other local farm shops and restaurants. If you are a shop or restaurant and could be interested in selling asparagus, please telephone Eddie on 01354 660645.


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